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Brian G. Murphy


Brian G. Murphy

Nice testimonial from Loveland, CO First time Home Buyer

“As a new home buyer I am not 100% sure what to be looking for. It’s been a learning process that’s for sure! I did a lot of reading online and to me everything you have offered me has been great!

I am very happy with your services and I recommend you to co-worker who is from Colorado and is looking for a property.

Thanks again,


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Brian G. Murphy

Brian G. Murphy

Brian G. Murphy is Manager & Senior Mortgage Planner, former Colorado Consumer Attorney (with concentration on Credit reporting and FICO scoring), Leadville Trail 100 past finisher and Sponsor & Father of five (don't be late for dinner). Email Brian or click to get a free, no-obligation rate quote. You can also find Brian on Twitter and Google+.

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