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Looking to buy a new home or refinance your current mortgage in Colorado but a poor credit score is preventing you from qualifying?

At Front Range Mortgage, we have over 24 years combined experience into reviewing credit reports and educating our Colorado homeowners as to the ever-changing standards of what lender’s view as a “credit worthy” borrower. Don’t have your loan application be denied, after you have made an offer on your dream home- we can review your credit today, for free, and let you know if your credit meets these requirements or what to do if it does not.

Colorado Credit Review & Education

A Colorado attorney will review your credit report, free of charge, educating you as to the strengths and weaknesses reflected on your report as well as putting together a suggested roadmap to getting back on track if you have suffered credit issues in the past.

Our goal is to educate you of both your right to have accurate reporting of your credit under the Fair Credit Reporting Act as well as the formula that FICO uses to calculate your credit scores. Some items of your credit history may only be addressed by the passage of time. Others though, may be quickly remedied resulting in a more prompt correction of your credit score. One immediate example is FICO’s calculation of your revolving credit balances (credit cards, etc.) in determining your credit scores. Paying down these balances in a certain manner (please call for details) can result in significant improvement in credit scores the very next month of reporting.

A Warning concerning the use of "Credit Repair Companies"

Our services are provided free of charge, to educate you in your credit and to encourage your legal and ethical means of having your appropriate credit score. We will not encourage you to take the risky route of paying 100’s or 1000’s of dollars to "credit repair companies" which routinely use less than ethical techniques to vainly misrepresent your credit history. This approach is routinely very profitable to the credit repair company, regardless of its often unreliable results.

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