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The opportunity to buy a home is important.  Pride in home ownership is recognized by the home owner, the community, the state and even the government.  The US government has established The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) which oversees the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), to aid in home ownership and provide federal insurance on home mortgages.  HUD homes are homes that are made available at an affordable price for people who are just starting out, starting over, or who may need a little help to get into that home that they’ve been dreaming of. 

Get pre-qualified for a HUD home loan mortgage today.  Purchasing a HUD home and obtaining a HUD home loan mortgage requires a few extra steps from the mortgage broker.  When choosing a mortgage broker it is important that you choose one who works with HUD approved lenders.  Submitting all the paperwork necessary for your home loan according to HUD’s timeline is also of great importance.  It is mandatory that your information be accurate and documented correctly to keep the process of getting your home loan flowing smoothly. 

Because HUD home loans in Denver require multiple steps it is important that the broker you choose has had experience with these loans. At Front Range Mortgage in Denver, we have the experience and expertise with HUD home loan mortgages and dealing with approved lenders and appreciate the importance of getting you into your own home. We will work to make sure your HUD home mortgage process is done right and to your satisfaction.

As new owners of a beatiful home, Keith and I want to thank three of the most wonderful people We've met since coming to Colorado after Hurricane Katrina.

HUD Home Mortgages in Denver CO

Susan Schaben and Michelle Fell our realtors and Brian Murphy of Front Range Mortgage: these three make a great team.... All are truly God sent.

From the beginning of our search for a home to buy, Susan gave us her all. She is very detailed person and really prides herself on getting the job done right ( all t's crossed and i's dotted)... She and Brian have the best personalities for the this kind of business.

As a team they both took our dream and made it a reality for us. My family and ll the Katrina evcs experienced something that changed many of our lives, and I'm sure nove of us will ever forget it... But my family thank God each day for helping us make it through these yeards that have passed since.

And with all the helped we received from Susan, Michelle and Brian with getting our home, it has made my family feel that although waht we endured, we have over come and been blessed with the American Dream with the help of these three wonderful people... I recommend everyone to allow Susan, Michelle and Brian to help you make your dream come true.

Again Susan, Michelle and Brian, Thank you so very much for everything....

Keith and Alica Thibodeaux


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