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Looking to buy a new home in Colorado Springs or refinance your current mortgage but a poor credit score rating is preventing you from getting a new home mortgage loan?

At Front Range Mortgage, we have put together an unique credit repair and home mortgage program that may be just what you need. Our Colorado Springs credit repair specialists assess your individual credit situation and work with you and the credit reporting agencies to improve your credit rating score and help you qualify for the home mortgage loan in the Colorado Springs area.

Colorado Credit Repair Consultants

Once we assess your individual credit situation, and investigate any inaccuracies or incomplete entries on your reports, our Attorney and Credit Repair Consultant can put together a tactical approach to update your accounts.

Below are just a few of the key steps to help improve your credit scores.

1.  We will review your present credit reports (from each bureau)

2.  After confirming with you the status of inaccurate, outdated or incomplete credit entries, we can develop a program to defend your federal rights (under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Fair Credit Billing Act, and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, etc.).  Among many other violations, it is against federal law for creditors to post information that is inaccurate (wrong balance, wrong dates), outdated (outside the statutory reporting period), unverifiable (collection companies often lack any written proof of the debts they are seeking to collect- no contracts, no signatures- regularly pursing the wrong party, with a similar name), the posting of a balance of an account that was discharged in bankruptcy (also a violation the stay of Bankruptcy), etc.  

3.  Tactics to correct such credit report inaccuracies include:  letters of dispute directly to the credit reporting agencies; validation letters directly to the credit furnisher (e.g., the credit card company), investigation by a consumer law attorney for actionable violations (for statutory and compensatory damages), etc.

4.  Education and new credit lines:  Education is the foundation of obtaining and maintaining strong credit scores.  Many clients sabotage their own scores accidently as they are unaware of the myriad factors on credit score calculation: closing of old credit card accounts, consolidation several credit card balance to one, self-directed credit repair (denying all accounts which are obviously yours) are regularly counterproductive and will actually LOWER your scores.    

5.   Although we cannot & do not guarantee the deletion of any negative account(s) in whole or in part, we have much success with many of our mortgage clients in the legal and ethical assertion of these federal rights. 

Colorado Mortgage Consultants

As your credit score improves, our mortgage consultants will work alongside you to get you into the home of your dreams!

For more information about our credit repair program or if you need help finding the right home mortgage loan in Colorado, even if you have poor credit,
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