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You are very likely aware that your credit score is one of the most important factors in determining the home loan you qualify for. Ideally, the best time to apply for a mortgage is when your credit score is high. But sometimes, you do not have the luxury of waiting until that time to purchase a home.

At Front Range Mortgage, we want every individual and family in Colorado to have the chance to buy a home with competitive financing, regardless of credit score. That is why we offer poor credit loans, also known as “hard money loans” or “subprime mortgages.”

Low FICO Score? We Can Help

If other lenders have turned you away because of your low FICO score, we want to help. We know that there are many reasons why a consumer may have a low credit score, and that your poor score may not reflect an inability to keep up with mortgage payments now.

That is why we look at the bigger picture when we consider your qualifications for a mortgage.

Qualification Criteria We Consider

Along with your credit score, we weigh other factors such as:

Your debt-to-income ratio.

Your employment status.

Your financial history.

Your ability to make a down payment.

We Can Advise You On Your Credit Situation

While paying off debts to improve your credit score can be a long-term proposition, there may be some simple, fast, easy steps you can take right now to boost your credit score.

During your consultation, we can advise you as to whether there is anything you can do to improve your credit score before you submit your mortgage application.

If you are active duty military, a retired veteran, or an eligible surviving spouse, you will also be excited to learn that around 75% of our customers are VA homebuyers. You do not need a perfect credit score to get a VA loan with affordable mortgage rates, zero down, and other fantastic benefits.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Dennis Linn
Dennis Linn
18:26 18 Aug 21
We had a great experience at Front Range. Victoria took excellent care of us and we got a tremendous rate. I had a little trouble but they worked right through it without a hitch.If I ever re-fi... again I’ll be right back here to do it.Thanksread more
CindyJo Abbott
CindyJo Abbott
03:51 15 Aug 21
I work with Victoria and Brian as a loan closing specialist. I have received so much POSITIVE feedback about how much everyone loves working with both of them. I always have a great conversation and... extreme professionalism is always at the forefront.If you need/want to refi, go through a home purchase, etc … and are unsure where to go or who to talk to, look no further than Front Range Mortgage with Victoria or Brian …. You never know, you might get lucky and have me conduct your closing. ☺️😉read more
Clemente Galang
Clemente Galang
01:32 01 Feb 21
They were there when I needed them the most.
Mark Thompson
Mark Thompson
17:13 25 Jan 21
Dominic Lupori
Dominic Lupori
15:59 25 Jan 21
great people, super fast, pleasant experience

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When you work with Front Range Mortgage, you do not need to wait until you have a perfect credit score to qualify for an affordable home loan. We are a local mortgage company, not a nationwide bank. Whatever your financial scenario, we will work with you until we have found a solution which allows you to purchase a home now.

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Get Pre-Approved in 5-Minutes!