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Are you making your banker rich by overpaying month after month on your Denver mortgage? Need to drop your rate, lower your payment and begin to set aside a little for your family? Are you a Veteran in the wrong loan (and FHA or Conventional loan)? Call our local, Colorado-only team for quick answers to help save you a bundle

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Call or Email us for a painless, 5-minute, No Obligation Colorado mortgage review to see if you can save money with a refinance. No cost- no obligation. If we can save you money – great. If not- no problem – you still get a $5 Gift Card to Starbucks or Home Depot card for your time!

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Benefits of a Home Loan
Refinance in Colorado

When you refinance your loan, you replace your current terms with those which are a better fit for your requirements. That can mean benefits such as:

  • Lowering your monthly payment amount.
  • Reducing the amount of interest you pay.
  • Utilizing your home equity to provide cash for any personal need.
  • Paying off your mortgage earlier or later.
  • Improving the terms which govern the mortgage.
  • Increasing financial stability.
  • Reducing stress and increasing peace of mind.

We are a local lender proud to serve only Colorado customers. Unlike a big box lender, we treat every customer’s situation as unique. We also are proud to work with many active duty and retired military customers, with veterans comprising the bulk of our customers.

When to Refinance in Colorado

Not sure whether this is the right time for a refinance of your mortgage? Following are some scenarios where a refinance might be beneficial:

If mortgage rates have dropped versus the higher rate you are paying on your existing loan, it may be a good time to refinance. Mortgage refinancing becomes worth your while if the current interest rate on your mortgage is at least two percentage points higher than the prevailing market rate. This figure is generally accepted as the safe margin when balancing the costs of refinancing a mortgage against the savings.

Has your credit score increased, or are you earning more income? Or have your debts gone down? If any or all of these are true, your enhanced bargaining power may qualify you for a more competitive loan when you refinance.

If you need to stop and adjustable-rate mortgage from ballooning, refinancing to a fixed-rate mortgage is an option. Sometimes homeowners also switch over to the fixed-rate format just to rest assured that their mortgage payments down the road will remain predictable.

If you expect to move out of your Colorado home in a few years, and you have fixed rate on your mortgage now, you can refinance to an adjustable-rate mortgage to pay a lower rate over the short-term without worrying about the long-term.

Sometimes, a refinance is in order if you will pay off your mortgage early and can offset prepayment penalties by switching to a loan that does not include them.

If you are having a difficult time keeping up with your bills every month, you may need more time to pay off your mortgage. By lengthening your loan term to refinance, you can reduce your monthly payments and catch back up on the rest of your bills.

Are You Eligible for a Mortgage Refinance in Colorado?

Call our local, Colorado-Only team for a painless 5-minute conversation to see how much we can save you! No pressure, No obligation.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Clemente Galang
Clemente Galang
01:32 01 Feb 21
They were there when I needed them the most.
Mark Thompson
Mark Thompson
17:13 25 Jan 21
Dominic Lupori
Dominic Lupori
15:59 25 Jan 21
great people, super fast, pleasant experience
John B
John B
01:51 23 Jan 21
Matthew Hayden
Matthew Hayden
01:10 23 Jan 21
I have used Front Range Mortgage for several VA mortgage refinances. Each time they provide detailed comparisons of my options. The customer service is second to none and closing is a breeze!... Victoria and Ryan had my loan closed and funded in less than 10 days!read more
23:40 22 Jan 21
Derek De Poy
Derek De Poy
23:39 22 Jan 21
Wiley Long
Wiley Long
00:14 16 Apr 20
Brian is the utmost professional. If you want no-hassle fast service and someone who will work in your interests, this is the place.
Mike Searls
Mike Searls
13:39 31 Mar 20
Front Range Mortgage does an amazing job - an advocate for their clients. The entire team is first rate and they really care. I highly recommend.
Kurt Rhea
Kurt Rhea
21:29 30 Mar 20
I know Brian personally - his work ethic and passion for helping people is above reproach and I am proud to be associated with him. - Kurt

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