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Brian G. Murphy


Brian G. Murphy

How many FICO scores do you need to buy a home in Colorado?

How many FICO credit scores do you have?  Would you believe- 53?  There 8 versions of the most famous FICO (for Fair, Issac & Co), with a 9th version in prep, with different versions in different industry to the three major credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax and Transunion).   This is one of the reasons you can have such variation on your credit score (again- this should always be “plural”- but is most oft spoken as if it is a single, static score).
We encounter such confusion with Colorado home buyers on a daily basis- software updated from Fair Issac Co. (FICO- a private company) oft has greater influence over your mortgage approval than Fannie/Freddie regs, CFPB, or fed law (FCRA, FDCPA).  Smart Colorado homebuyer’s tip- start with credit review and consultation long before you hope to buy.  Call or write Front Range Mortgage and we will pull your latest effective 3-bureau pull at not cost- allowing you to know your present scores satisfy the latest Fannie or Freddie guidelines before you list your present home for sale.


Brian G. Murphy
Manager / Senior Mort. Planner
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Brian G. Murphy

Brian G. Murphy

Brian G. Murphy is Manager & Senior Mortgage Planner, former Colorado Consumer Attorney (with concentration on Credit reporting and FICO scoring), Leadville Trail 100 past finisher and Sponsor & Father of five (don't be late for dinner). Email Brian or click to get a free, no-obligation rate quote. You can also find Brian on Twitter and Google+.

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